1. Image of the week

    27 Oct 2021
    Graduate Fashion Week, 2017. ‘The Best of’ Show Not very often my work doesn’t include a human being but every now and again I’ll be drawn to scene where humans once were. Not sure if 2019 will have been the last year I make work at Graduate Fashion Week but…

  2. New Work -Morwenna Farrell

    25 Oct 2021
    A first look at some new work for Morwenna Farrell’s latest collection ‘Dead Beats’ Morwenna has a pop up in Norwich this month and will also launch the new pieces on her Etsy shop the same weekend.  As part of the pop up Morwenna will also have a selection of…

  3. Hello Future Fashion Exhibition

    22 Oct 2021
    I’m really happy to have been invited to show some of my work at the Norwich Science Festival’s Hello Future Fashion exhibition 23-30th October. The exhibition takes place in what was an old toy shop in Norwich (Langleys). A beautiful shop in the Royal Arcade, Norwich, it’s really brilliant to…

  4. Image of the week

    20 Oct 2021
    Graduate Fashion Week 2017. The Gala. I’m curating these images of the week quite randomly so lets go back to 2017 today. A year I quite liked photography wise, I just feel a lot of good work and things happened that year. Photographed backstage, I really loved documenting this yearly…

  5. Image of the week

    13 Oct 2021
    Graduate Fashion Week 2019. East London Uni. This was the year I wanted to start making more experimental work and develop this idea of documenting the shows further. Of course thanks to the pandemic I haven’t been able to revisit the event to make new work, but there’s definitely some…

  6. Open Studio Weekend

    12 Oct 2021
    We are having to leave our St.Augustines Street Studios and we are sad about it, so please come and cheer us up by coming to see our work in an impromptu open studio/ pop up show. Myself and Visual Artist Brian Korteling have decided that as it’s our last weekend…

  7. image of the week

    06 Oct 2021
    Graduate Fashion Week 2019. East London Uni. Of all the ‘fashion’ events Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) is by far my favourite. I think I may have written this before (I certainly say it a lot) it’s like when a band releases their first album and it’s so good, and it’s…

  8. Image of the week

    29 Sep 2021
    Graduate Fashion Week 2019. East London Uni. This was photographed at Truman Brewery, a place I absolutely love. The light is epic and I’ve been to so many events in it (including my own degree show) and it never ceases to amaze me how different one building can look from…

  9. Image of the week

    28 Jul 2021
    Matt Hales. May 2021. I photographed Matt during my residency at the Norwich Shoe Factory in May. I’m yet to write the week up and still have images to work through. It was by far a more productive week than I expected. I just felt so inspired to make and…

  10. Image of the week

    21 Jul 2021
    Jordan Wake. May 2019. 2019 feels so old world now. Jordan’s a writer and podcaster. I’ll link to his podcast at the end of this journal entry, but here’s a link to the episode I had a chat with him in June 2020 - and I listened to it back…

  11. Image of the week

    14 Jul 2021
    Fran 2017. Another shoot using secondhand and vintage in the styling. I never made any black and white versions at the time but during one of the lockdowns as I was revisiting earlier work I decided to create some new edits.  Makeup by Anna Dress from the Fabulous Miss K…

  12. New Work - Portrait Commission

    09 Jul 2021
    New work for Kathy aka  Norwich based hairdresser The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist.  Kathy needed some new portraits/headshots to move forward with some press opportunities to share news of the next stage in her creative career. Kathy is a woman of many talents including being a clinical aromatherapist, videographer, photographer…

  13. Image of the week

    07 Jul 2021
    Movement Artist Amy Ollett photographed as she responded to a visit to Norwich Shoe Factory with some improv. I was working from the factory in May as part of a research and development arts residency. It was THE most amazing time and I’m still working my way through the work,…

  14. Image of the week

    29 Jun 2021
    Image of the Week Backstage at Graduate Fashion Week, the international Show 2017 at Truman Brewery, one of my favourite places to photograph. To discuss commissions or general enquires feel free to email me  

  15. Photo Vogue- New work added

    22 Jun 2021
     A portrait of Jordan Wake got accepted in to my Photo Vogue by Vogue Italia portfolio yesterday. The image was take in May 2019, such different times. Jordan is self styled, wearing my clothes. Always brilliant to see how people style themselves in clothes which don’t belong to them.  I’m…

  16. Image of the week

    22 Jun 2021
    Matt Hales. A look back to April 2017. Photographed and styled by me.  To discuss commissions or general enquires feel free to email me  

  17. 1 year on - the Queer and The City Podcast

    21 Jun 2021
    It’s been roughly a year ago since I did this podcast on Queer and The City. (You can read a journal entry from June 2020  here ) I just wanted to revisit it because as I sit and write this a year on some of the things we discuss are…

  18. New work - quick look

    21 Jun 2021
    A quick look at some recent work.  Made with Nakita - before I share the images I just want to add some words Nakita posted on her instagram account about working with me because I thought it was a pretty wonderful testimonial and so want to add it to my…

  19. New work - quick look

    20 Jun 2021
    On this very rain Sunday I thought I’d share a couple of images from a recent photoshoot with model  Lindsay- Ann and Kathy - The Hair and Well Being Stylist.  Kathy has actually recently retrained as a hair stylist and is already adding to her qualifications. As someone who eventually…

  20. Flashback - GFW17

    18 Jun 2021
    During lockdown one I found an unscanned roll of film … and it turns out it was some shots from backstage at Graduate Fashion Week 2017. I’ve just scanned these and left all the dust on them - which for me fits my vibe anyway. I was working for a…

  21. Latest Interview

    15 Jun 2021
    Fashion writer Ross Pollard very kindly invited me for a chat for his Linkedin series ‘5 minutes with’ series. I’ve added screenshots the interview below but please do also head over to his Linkedin article for a better look at the interview curated with images and a read of the…

  22. Image of the week

    15 Jun 2021
    Documenting fashion backstage at Malan Breton SS18. Photographed for the Glass Pineapple.  To discuss commissions or general enquires feel free to email me   Follow me over on  instagram 

  23. Latest work

    15 Jun 2021
    Celebrating creative women over 50. I was invited to bring to life a concept created by The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist to create a series of images featuring and celebrating women over 50. Hair Stylist Kathy (aka The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist) has been creating events to bring older women…

  24. Video Portrait : BECCI Fashion

    12 Jun 2021
    A video of portrait of 2020 Fashion Graduate Becci Ball wearing a piece from her own collection BECCI.  I’m currently working on some new images of Becci’s collection and there’s more video to come from the new shoot and from the one above too. Keep and eye on my instagram…


    07 Jun 2021
    I’m doing an IG takeover on instagram to share some images, some work in progress and chat some thoughts on my time in residence at Norwich Shoe Factory if you fancy a look to see how it goes the link to the Co-Presents IG page is here Emily Cannell, my…

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