Image of the week

Image of the week BECCI.

This weeks image of the week is from a shoot with Becki Ball wearing a piece from her final graduate collection which she used to create her own brand BECCI. 

Becki is a 2020 graduate so we all now how her final months at uni went… and we shot this in August as things opened up again but social distancing was still a major thing. Shot outside on a norfolk beach this was the day I needed - creativity, a chance to explore, new surroundings, the challenge of working with someone new and communicating at a distance… This day created so much work which I’m still incredibly proud of when I look back on them with a 2022 gaze. 

Becki was incredibly easy to work with and her pieces were beautiful to photograph.  I just feel like we made so much work that day, such a productive time. I also took some footage to create some video art. 

It felt amazing and freeing to be out under the beautiful Norfolk blue skies and work with the sand under my feet. *Note to self - visit the beach more. It’s good for the spirit.

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