I Missed You Last Year

A psychedelic journey through disco lands and acid landscapes...

Reality undergoes a vibrant transformation, exchanging its ordinary hues for electric blues, acid yellows, and magenta pinks in a series created during the mind-bending days of 2021 creating acid landscapes. The world remained in the depths of the COVID era, yet lockdowns had lifted and an odd new normal was emerging.

Going outside was no longer restricted and a trip to The Lake District, a place I’d frequented many times before, felt all at once the same yet different. Simultaneously comforting and disconcerting. There was a want and a need, a desire even to be out in it, yet the sense of security of the staying at home instructions, remaining indoors lingered on.

Frequently, feeling as though I have one foot firmly planted in the 60s/70s, where the colours are vibrant, utopian and surreal, I wanted to impose this faux nostalgia, which is a stark departure from the beige and browns of my 70s childhood reality, into the work. 

The series captures the dichotomy of emotions, presenting a vivid kaleidoscope of conflicting desires. In essence, this psychedelic journey through disco lands and acid landscapes explores a state of mind and a confused heart caught between the yearning for things to remain the same and the need for things to be different.

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