The Disco: Room 2021

A multimedia installation project for the Norwich Fringe Festival 2021. The work was made  thanks to an arts funded commission by Norwich Fringe Festival.  

The work was disseminated via a virtual exhibition featuring photography and video art.  The installation of a physical  'Disco Room' was built and documented through photographs and film. Inside the Disco Room, several 6ftx2ft  prints were suspended around a glitter ball as disco lights lit up the work. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in March 2021, sadly the installation was not able to be viewed physically as a public exhibit however the installation lived in the Norwich Shoe Factory during the festival and could be experienced in person by the Norwich Fringe Festival team.

Thanks also to Sean Hancock and Morwenna Farrell for helping with the build of the installation and to Movement Artist  Amy Ollett who features in the work. 

The project:

Twists and turns, fast and slow, one step forwards two steps back, the rush to be in the moment, the pause to stay in it… Life is a dance and dance is life. Through observing a body in motion the viewer can experience the actions they are viewing. In a period when music, dance and creativity are things much missed, I invite you to explore this concept through a new piece of work using photography, moving image and installation. 

Welcome to The Disco: Room 2021. 

A short micro film made for this project.

The virtual exhibition 18-25 March 2021

The Disco: Room 2021 Video Art #1

The Disco: Room 2021 Video Art #2

The Disco: Room 2021 Video Art #3

Huge thank you to Morwenna Farrell for making this film of the installation. 

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