1. Latest Interview

    15 Jun 2021
    Fashion writer Ross Pollard very kindly invited me for a chat for his Linkedin series ‘5 minutes with’ series. I’ve added screenshots the interview below but please do also head over to his Linkedin article for a better look at the interview curated with images and a read of the…

  2. Image of the week

    15 Jun 2021
    Documenting fashion backstage at Malan Breton SS18. Photographed for the Glass Pineapple.  To discuss commissions or general enquires feel free to email me   Follow me over on  instagram 

  3. Latest work

    15 Jun 2021
    Celebrating creative women over 50. I was invited to bring to life a concept created by The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist to create a series of images featuring and celebrating women over 50. Hair Stylist Kathy (aka The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist) has been creating events to bring older women…

  4. Video Portrait : BECCI Fashion

    12 Jun 2021
    A video of portrait of 2020 Fashion Graduate Becci Ball wearing a piece from her own collection BECCI.  I’m currently working on some new images of Becci’s collection and there’s more video to come from the new shoot and from the one above too. Keep and eye on my instagram…


    07 Jun 2021
    I’m doing an IG takeover on instagram to share some images, some work in progress and chat some thoughts on my time in residence at Norwich Shoe Factory if you fancy a look to see how it goes the link to the Co-Presents IG page is here Emily Cannell, my…

  6. Image of the week

    20 Nov 2020
    Amy Woodman. Styled and photographed by me in Dec 2016. If 2020 has taught us anything its that discos can happen anywhere but are extra good in the kitchen. Have a great weekend, enjoy some music, dance even if its just to one track. Three minutes of movement to music…

  7. New Work - Project - This is Not Nostalgia?

    09 Nov 2020
    New work for my ongoing project ‘This is Not Nostalgia?’ In 2015 after years of wearing secondhand & vintage clothes I began creating ‘fashion’ imagery using preloved items to question why everything in fashion magazines was always ‘new’. Why the constant ‘buy buy buy’ message? What begun as an anti…

  8. Image of the week

    08 Nov 2020
    Laura, photographed in performance for artist Amy Ollett in 2017.  If you’d like to discuss commissions, projects or general enquires feel free to email me  and you can see new work and work from my archives over on my  instagram 

  9. Image of the week

    30 Oct 2020
    Image of the week is Helena from Crumb Agency. This is from a go see to create Helena some new images for her portfolio a couple of years ago. How time flies.  If you’d like to discuss commissions, projects or general enquires feel free to email me  and you…

  10. Image of the week

    14 Oct 2020
    Andrew for Morwenna Farrell.  Morwenna has a new collection launch coming up so needed some new imagery to promote it. I’ve worked with Morwenna several times now and after chatting to Morwenna about what her ideal plan B would be (Because a torrential rain forecast made it clear plan A…

  11. Image of the week

    07 Oct 2020
    Image of the week is Poppy from Crumb Agency. This is from a go see to get Poppy some new images for her portfolio back in 2018. My  instagram If you’d like to discuss commissions, projects or general enquires feel free to email me     . .

  12. News - AND 2020 Success

    01 Oct 2020
    So happy to have this portrait of Matt Hales selected for AND 2020, an annual created by Then There Was Us. No physical exhibition sadly because it is 2020 and plans have to adapt but I’m so looking forward to seeing Matt in print.  We took this photo in…

  13. Image of the week

    01 Oct 2020
    As it’s National poetry Day I thought I’d accompany this weeks image with a poem. Image Becci Ball wearing a piece from her own collection Becci  Mad Girl’s Love Song  by Sylvia Plath I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is…

  14. Image of the week

    24 Sep 2020
    XU XHI - London Fashion Week AW19.  Photographed for The Glass Pineapple. I’ll be moving over lots of blog posts from my old blog to have them all on this site in one place but in the mean time, if you’d like to see more backstage fashion documentary work then…

  15. Image of the week

    12 Sep 2020
    Emma 2016.  This feels very 2020 somehow…. I hope everyone is staying well and safe in these very strange times. I am back shooting again but it certainly feels different. I’m currently sharing my secondhand fashion work over on instagram as part of Oxfam’s Secondhand September campaign. Swing by if…

  16. Kiri - Post Lockdown

    07 Sep 2020
    A few portraits from my first studio shoot since lockdown measures eased.  Kiri mentioned they were going through a goth phase in their personal style so we worked this in to the work we made.  There’s more images to come from this session including some video portraits which you can…

  17. Image of the week

    19 Aug 2020
    Something different from portraits and fashion. Lockdown was a good opportunity to go back and organise old files. So here’s a landscape from 2013 taken during my City & Guilds Level 3 Photography course. I used to enjoy these days out. We explored coastal areas, the countryside, the city of…

  18. Image of the week

    25 Jul 2020
    Documenting London Fashion Week Malan Breton SS18 Fashion Scout. Photographed for The Glass Pineapple.  The existence of Covid-19 and the changes to our lives does make me wonder if I’ll get to make this kind of work again?…

  19. Image of the week

    15 Jul 2020
    Image of the week is a portrait of artist Simon Pritchard taken in 2015. We’ve been trying to do another session for a while but juggling availability and then throwing a pandemic in to the mix means it’s something that is still on hold. Hopefully we will be able to…

  20. Shutterhub online Exhibition - Yearbook 2020

    09 Jul 2020
    I think online exhibitions are here to stay. Physical spaces are slowly opening up but I like the way digital exhibitions can be viewed from anywhere and by anyone. So I’m delighted to find out I have an image in an online group show organised by ShutterHub.  The selected image…

  21. Image of the week

    09 Jul 2020
    ‘It’s only a game show’ Amy 2016 This is one of many times I’ve worked with Amy Woodman. I met Amy on a photoshoot in 2014 where I was doing hair/makeup and some behind the scenes photography. We bonded over a love for vintage faux fur and became firm friends…

  22. Image of the week

    02 Jul 2020
    This is a WIP image (I think) I’m not sure where I’m going with it or if this is its final state? This was taken at the end of 2019 in a session which was just to make some new work for me, Ramzan (pictured) and two other models Matt…

  23. Image of the week

    25 Jun 2020
    The image is one of a series which documents the dress rehearsal of the 2019 fashion performance of MILK by movement and fashion artist Amy Ollett. I’ve worked with this artist several times to document her creative practice,  we connect artistically with a shared interest in the exploration of movement.…

  24. MILK - Photo Essay on instgram

    23 Jun 2020
    I’ve decided to share some work on instagram in the form of a photo essay. You’re all invited to follow MILK by Amy Ollett, build over 21-25 June.  I’ve worked with the artist Amy Ollett  several times to document her creative practice. We connect artistically with a shared interest in…

  25. Prints sale

    23 Jun 2020
    I’ve started an online print shop. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while, but these current times we find ourselves in have given my the nudge to do it I’m taking part in the #ArtistSupportPledge - when I reach £1000 of print sales, I pledge to spend…

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