New Work - Revisiting 2022 - Chloe

I worked with dancer and movement professional Chloe Rowlatt back in Oct 2022. I had some space to use at the Norwich Shoe factory for a little while and put a call out for dancers to meet me there and Chloe very kindly gave me her time. I originally made the work in black and white but over the last year, I’ve been revisiting this one particular image above, over and over again. 

I’m a big believer that revisiting work is good, we change, we have new ideas, new inspirations.. Images don’t have to sit in a final state forever even if they’ve already been shared with the world. 

So new work in 2023 from a visit back to 2022. An untitled micro series. 

HUGE THANKS to Chloe for trusting that she could turn up and letting me take a holistic approach to what and how we’d shoot. 

Thanks ALWAYS to the Shoe Factory for always being there for me and so many creatives in Norwich. It’s the most inspiring place to even just stand in never mind get to make work in. 

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