News - Exhibition, Norwich March 2024

I’ve been invited to show work at the TBA - Artist Collective next exhibition. 

Their shows are always brilliant and feature artists working with a varied range of mediums. I’ll be showing some work from my ‘The Last Ballad of Magdalen’. The opportunity to exhibit this work has also afforded me the chance to sit down and express some thoughts about the concept of the work. 

I’ll share some more once the exhibition is live, I’ll be sharing prints and moving image. If you can make it then please come along! 

Exhibition details

TBA - Artist Collective. Five Years

Opening Eve:  March 7th 6-9pm (all welcome)

Exhibition dates: March 8th/March 9th 10am-5pm

                                     March 10th 12pm-4pm

Location: The Shoe Factory St. Mary’s Works - St. Mary’s Plain, Norwich NR3 3AF

‘The Last Ballad of Magdalen’ features Eden, and the shoots assistant was Morwenna Farrell. The work was conceived as a poignant ode to bidding farewell and forging new memories steeped in a simulated nostalgia. 

Come along and see more if you can, but I’ll also share as much as possible on social media too, including the exhibition itself plus more on the concept and ideas behind the idea. Every item in this work is second-hand/vintage and/or already owned by Eden or myself. If you’ve been following my work for a while you’ll know incorporating vintage and second-hand clothing is an enduring and important element in my work. Utilising and repurposing them is very much part of my process. 

Hopefully see you there!

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