Image of the week

Matt Hales. May 2021.

I photographed Matt during my residency at the Norwich Shoe Factory in May. I’m yet to write the week up and still have images to work through. It was by far a more productive week than I expected. I just felt so inspired to make and try out ideas there was just no stopping me. The result though is A LOT of work to get through, reflect on and just sit back and look at to be honest. Take a big breath and dive back in to it.

I do think that in hindsight I will be glad I left a period of time to go back to it with fresh eyes. I’d like to write up the experience for a section on my website and I  think that process will absolutely benefit from not diving straight in. 

To be able to come out of lockdown and have this factory to work in was incredible. The residency was originally planned for May 2020 but obviously that couldn’t happen, then we hoped for later in the year. Again, no. So I was almost prepared for it not to happen at all. There were still some restrictions so we couldn’t have the public exhibition at the end but my goodness did this week make me so so happy. 

So many many images and pieces of video art to come from my week in this old shoe factory.

Matt Hales is a model and you can find him here - 

Huge thanks to The Norwich Shoe Factory. When this factory eventually gets bought and redeveloped I will cry as will many creatives in Norwich. We are though SUPER grateful the owners have opened their doors up to to the arts scene in Norwich in the interim. It’s been a game changer for so many of us.

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Image of the week

Jordan Wake. May 2019.

2019 feels so old world now.

Jordan’s a writer and podcaster. I’ll link to his podcast at the end of this journal entry, but here’s a link to the episode I had a chat with him in June 2020 - and I listened to it back the other day and we talk about creativity in confinement and it occurred to me that all these podcasts created during this time will be the sound documentaries and the voice archives of this pandemic… 

I did the set design for this shoot, provided Jordan with a rail of secondhand and vintage and let him create his own outfits. Some of the clothes we used were mine (and I’m always thinking people wearing my clothes is somehow going to naturally evolve in to it’s own project somewhere down the line.)

This shoot was followed my a big group dinner and so with what followed in 2020 this shoot will always be extra special to me. 

Not just because of the fact the images from this were just beyond but because of the memories of finishing the shoot and getting to the restaurant. People being early, people being late. That group discussion of what people are going to order, who is drinking what. Who’s having a starter? Who’s got room for pudding? Plus all the moments in-between where one person holds court as the table listens intertwined with an absolute rabble of multiple conversations around the table. It was a great shoot and a great evening. I’m looking forward to times again.

Jordan’s podcast -

Jordan’s website -

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Image of the week

Fran 2017.

Another shoot using secondhand and vintage in the styling. I never made any black and white versions at the time but during one of the lockdowns as I was revisiting earlier work I decided to create some new edits. 

Makeup by Anna

Dress from the Fabulous Miss K Store 

New Work - Portrait Commission

New work for Kathy aka  Norwich based hairdresser The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist

Kathy needed some new portraits/headshots to move forward with some press opportunities to share news of the next stage in her creative career. Kathy is a woman of many talents including being a clinical aromatherapist, videographer, photographer plus the organiser of events aimed at women over 40. 

The events, some of which I’ve photographed, creating a series of portraits of the women attending the workshops, aim to bring women together to discuss and learn from each other. To look at what and how life over 40 can feel like as a woman today. Everything from body changes, to career goals, what holds us back, wellbeing and the menopause have all been discussed in a forum designed to help women grow and develop. 

Kathy is an example of walking the walk of personal development and not just talking the talk. She has recently pushed through to another chapter of learning and self development by successfully qualifying as a hairdresser. To share her new world Kathy commissioned some new portrait work so when talking about this next stage she could accompany it with images of herself which made her feel empowered and confident.

I’ve photographed Kathy before, like me she is VERY inspired by music and a chat about what she wanted from the photo session helped me know how to create a ‘Kathy vibe’ and so followed what I always refer to as an ‘image library’ of portraits both black and white and colour for Kathy to use when talking about her new life step. Absolute pleasure to photograph and a reminder to us to all keep learning  whatever age we are. 

Kathy’s been interviewed for Folk Features , a platform created during lockdown which aims to share stories about people in Norfolk and Suffolk. Hence the ‘folk’ in the name. Kathy’s interview titled ‘Style without age limits’ sees Kathy talking about pre-pandemic life working the gig economy and the overnight impact Covid-19 had on that, her hairdresser training and plans to keep herself moving forward.

I personally can say that adult education and constantly being open to learning has been a game changer…in fact a life changer for me. 

The quote below is from Kathy’s interview and it really resonates with me and I think it will with a lot of other people too.

“And as for being too old to retrain? Life’s too short to let other peoples’ old fashioned views effect how you live your life.”

You can read the full interview here 

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Image of the week

Movement Artist Amy Ollett photographed as she responded to a visit to Norwich Shoe Factory with some improv. I was working from the factory in May as part of a research and development arts residency. It was THE most amazing time and I’m still working my way through the work, the research and the ideas. There are many more images to come but in the mean time you can have a scroll through my instagram where I’ve shared some of the work. 

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Photo Vogue- New work added

 A portrait of Jordan Wake got accepted in to my Photo Vogue by Vogue Italia portfolio yesterday.

The image was take in May 2019, such different times. Jordan is self styled, wearing my clothes. Always brilliant to see how people style themselves in clothes which don’t belong to them. 

I’m hoping times will settle soon and I can photograph Jordan again followed by dinner and wine and all the chats. In  the mean time if you want to hear a chat we had on Jordans podcast Queer and The City last year then here’s a previous journal entry with a link to listen

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1 year on - the Queer and The City Podcast

It’s been roughly a year ago since I did this podcast on Queer and The City. (You can read a journal entry from June 2020  here )

I just wanted to revisit it because as I sit and write this a year on some of the things we discuss are still so relevant to right now. Questioning creative life, what’s going to happen, reflecting on the times. With so many people considering their future and being displaced from home and work I thought it would be good to re-share this chat.

I also talk about going to uni later in life, my reasons for this and how I found the experience. I also talk about what influences my work, how lockdown 1 was going (not that we knew we would have to go through a further 2 lockdowns when we chatted!) and thoughts (and questions) on the future. 

You can listen to our chat here

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New work - quick look

A quick look at some recent work. 

Made with Nakita - before I share the images I just want to add some words Nakita posted on her instagram account about working with me because I thought it was a pretty wonderful testimonial and so want to add it to my journal for longevity!’

@kerrycurl is one of the most fascinatingly creative people I’ve met…I adore her artistic nature and how she doesn’t just take a photo but creates a really cool image that brings you out of yourself and puts you somewhere else. Super talented woman” - @nakita_sparkles

Nakita June 2021

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New work - quick look

On this very rain Sunday I thought I’d share a couple of images from a recent photoshoot with model  Lindsay- Ann and Kathy - The Hair and Well Being Stylist.  Kathy has actually recently retrained as a hair stylist and is already adding to her qualifications. As someone who eventually managed to follow a creative career slightly later than what is commonly perceived as ‘normal’ (I was a 40 year old graduate…) these constant self evolving and development stories are always both intersting to me and inspiring.

The other thing which made this an intersting shoot as each woman is a different decade, Lindsay-Ann in her 30s, me in my 40s and Kathy in her 50s. I feel that there’s something quite powerful about women of different ages coming together to make and create. I’ll share a full journal post at some point but just wanted to give a quick look - the story so far. 

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Flashback - GFW17

During lockdown one I found an unscanned roll of film … and it turns out it was some shots from backstage at Graduate Fashion Week 2017. I’ve just scanned these and left all the dust on them - which for me fits my vibe anyway. I was working for a publication and shooting digital but managed to grab a couple of rolls of film along the way, so these really are snatched documented moments grabbed in between taking shots for the the platform I was working on.  Great to look back at these especially has Graduate Fashion Week has pivoted its approach due to the pandemic. 

I’m always interested in documenting events so if you’re looking for someone who will take a documentary approach then please do feel free to get in touch for a chat, to discuss commissions or general enquires etc.  

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Latest Interview

Fashion writer Ross Pollard very kindly invited me for a chat for his Linkedin series ‘5 minutes with’ series. I’ve added screenshots the interview below but please do also head over to his Linkedin article for a better look at the interview curated with images and a read of the series so far/follow to see who is next. Ross is really open in sharing his thoughts on the fashion industry, the good the bad and the ugly which makes him a really good person to follow in my opinion. Head over to instagram where you can find him on @fashionworked and @themrpollard 

Latest work

Celebrating creative women over 50.

I was invited to bring to life a concept created by The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist to create a series of images featuring and celebrating women over 50. Hair Stylist Kathy (aka The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist) has been creating events to bring older women together for the last few years which I’ve also photographed with a series of portraits so it was wonderful to be asked to develop this on location concept. 

Featuring Niki and Ali in front of the camera the shoot was also about highlighting the incredible location of Albion Nights, a truly beautiful destination close to Norwich where you stay in a beautiful little wooden house the middle of a meadow.

Also featuring in this shoot its Sue of The Mercerie , a designer who uses crochet and who also runs courses to pass on her skills so others can develop theirs. 

Hair/Concept  - The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist

Models Ali and Niki 

Crochet - The Mercerie

Location - Albion Nights

Photography - Kerry Curl 

Video Portrait : BECCI Fashion

A video of portrait of 2020 Fashion Graduate Becci Ball wearing a piece from her own collection BECCI. 

I’m currently working on some new images of Becci’s collection and there’s more video to come from the new shoot and from the one above too. Keep and eye on my instagram for updates. I’ll also be having a huge website update next month so please do keep checking back. 

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I’m doing an IG takeover on instagram to share some images, some work in progress and chat some thoughts on my time in residence at Norwich Shoe Factory if you fancy a look to see how it goes the link to the Co-Presents IG page is here

Emily Cannell, my fellow artist in residency has just completed a takeover so head over and have a scroll. 

New Work - Lalita’s Wardrobe

New work created for new fashion brand Lalita’s Wardrobe. The brand created by Lalita stems from her love of travel and her own heritage. Travelling as the pandemic began to take hold, Lalita cut short her latest adventures in India to return to the UK just as we went in to the first lockdown. Having sold fashions connected to her travels before Lalita decided to take the plunge and create a full brand and so despite Covid times Lalita’s Wardrobe was created. 

The brand works with makers and manufacturers in India with many items including second hand saris which are remade in to Kiminos and Bomber Jackets. Lalita also donates a percentage of her profits to a grass roots charity in India. You can read more about the brands ethos and take a look at the shop over on the the website.

Here’s a selection of images, it was a full on all day shoot. Things are taking longer working under covid restrictions and everyone worked so hard. I’ve linked to everyones instagram pages below. 

Models Dion and Trishna

Concept/Set Design Styling Lalita 

Photography Kerry Curl 

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Norwich Fringe Festival launches!

Today is THE day!

Norwich Fringe Festival 2021 launches today! Running from 18-21 March with a pay what you can approach the line up is full of theatre, visual arts, music and more. The team have worked so incredibly hard to bring this to life digitally. We’d all rather be viewing the work physically I know but this is where the world is still at and all the love and applause to the Fringe team for making this all come to life in such challenging times. 

On the plus side a digital event allows you to watch from anywhere in the world so come and see what’s happening over the next few days.

My part in this event has happened thanks to being granted funding by the Norwich Fringe Festival to create a new multimedia installation project for the 2021 event. An idea I had before thoughts of a pandemic existed have had to adapt and over come the challenges this last year has brought but I’m so happy to have been able to produce this new body of work.

My project The Disco: Room 2021 is now live! A a free digital exhibition, this solo show includes still images and video art work made with artist Amy Ollett.

A look at what you can expect once you enter the gallery - 

Huge thanks to the festival team and also to Sean Hancock and Morwenna Farrell who both helped me build the installation. AmySean and Morwenna are all amazing creatives and the links in their names will take you to their work. 

Morwenna also made a film of the installation which you can see on my instagram

Images of the installation to follow but in the mean time head over to the exhibition for a look around. 

Visit the FREE online exhibition 18-21 March

Watch the film of the installation (film by Morwenna Farrell) 

Find out what’s on and learn more about the Norwich Fringe Festival 2021

Podcast - Norwich Fringe

Ahead of the Norwich Fringe Festival starting, the team at Norwich Fringe kindly invited me on to their podcast to chat about creative life. Their episode description probably tells you everything you need to know about our chat…

You can listen to the podcast here.

If you scroll through the other episodes you can hear from other creatives too who are involved in the Norwich Fringe Festival later this month. For more details on the festival click here

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Podcast - Jo’s Art History

I was really excited to be invited on to the Jo’s Art History podcast. Tasked with the mission to chat about my favourite artist two came to mind but Tracey Emin won and whilst I am in no way an Emin expert I love her work and her ethos, her unapologetic ways of working is very inspiring and I’ve like her for many many years. It was great to be able to just chat to Jo about why and how  Emin’s work connects with me. 

The Podcast is really relaxed, Jo’s aim is for art to be for everyone not exclusive or elitist. So if that all sounds interesting or has at least made you a little curious do go and have a listen to the podcast here.

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