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Matt Hales. May 2021.

I photographed Matt during my residency at the Norwich Shoe Factory in May. I’m yet to write the week up and still have images to work through. It was by far a more productive week than I expected. I just felt so inspired to make and try out ideas there was just no stopping me. The result though is A LOT of work to get through, reflect on and just sit back and look at to be honest. Take a big breath and dive back in to it.

I do think that in hindsight I will be glad I left a period of time to go back to it with fresh eyes. I’d like to write up the experience for a section on my website and I  think that process will absolutely benefit from not diving straight in. 

To be able to come out of lockdown and have this factory to work in was incredible. The residency was originally planned for May 2020 but obviously that couldn’t happen, then we hoped for later in the year. Again, no. So I was almost prepared for it not to happen at all. There were still some restrictions so we couldn’t have the public exhibition at the end but my goodness did this week make me so so happy. 

So many many images and pieces of video art to come from my week in this old shoe factory.

Matt Hales is a model and you can find him here - 

Huge thanks to The Norwich Shoe Factory. When this factory eventually gets bought and redeveloped I will cry as will many creatives in Norwich. We are though SUPER grateful the owners have opened their doors up to to the arts scene in Norwich in the interim. It’s been a game changer for so many of us.

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