New Work - Finn Doherty

Last summer I shot on Finn Doherty’s music video and I cannot tell you how much I LOVED it. I took some stills from each scene but also some behind the scenes which really let my documentary loving heart fly free. 

What I always loved about being backstage at fashion week was being able to observe, document and hopefully capture the energy of the moment - so transferring those skills to going behind the scenes on a music video honestly felt like ‘home’ to me really. 

I’ve got so much to share from this project but to start off here’s some BW  shots documenting some of the  moments that might otherwise have gotten lost. 

Please also check out Finn’s video, I’ll link further down and as I sit here on a Sunday night, planning, dreaming and hoping how I’d like my 2024 to look, I’d like to raise a glass to all of you and everyone who is also out there trying to make their creative thing a reality, because its hard work and I’m with you. 

Finn’s video 

Team credits 

Directed by: Atkin and Finn Doherty
Produced by: Finn Doherty and Paolo Tuveri Director of Photography: Samuel Robinson
Editing and Colour Grading: Elif Gonen
Gaffer: Ray Njoku
1st AC: Isaac Stanley
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Birch
Stills: Kerry Curl 

 ‘Figure It Out’ written by: Finn Doherty
Produced by: Evin Durkin & Finn Doherty
Mixed and mastered by: Lavar Bullard

If you’re a creative and want your behind the scenes captured get in touch. . Follow me over on  instagram  

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