Image of the week

Image of the week.

This is dancer Andrea on a shoot for Movement Director Amy Ollett, who also made all the pieces for this shoot. The collection was called Movre. Amy did an interview with Blanc magazine in which she said  

      “My work synthesizes body and garment so that, without the other, neither fully exists.           The body is no longer a passive thing to be ‘dressed’ but creates the complete form.”

I don’t think anything I could say would express Amy’s work better than this quote from the artist herself.

We met having both gone to Norwich University of the Arts. Amy completing her MA (in fashion) and me my BA (in photography) Amy came to my degree show and I went to her MA show - but we didn’t know each other at the time but when Amy emailed to see if I wanted a coffee because she liked my work I was stoked because I remembered her work and as soon as her name popped up in my inbox I was excited. We’ve worked together a few times since 2017 and hopefully there will be more to come. 

We both share a love of movement, and an experimental approach. The creativity we have just clicks. 

Read Amy’s interview 

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