Image of the week

Image of the week is a portrait of Stephen Balmer-Walters 

This image is just one from a series created from a commission by Stephen. I’ve photographed Stephen a few times, having met him on a shoot a few years ago. He came to me about creating some photos of him where he could celebrate his skin, his colour, his age, his confidence in his body image and he wanted to do this by making himself as vulnerable as he could be - he wanted to be naked. 

So we spent an afternoon creating a series of images, just the two of us and I will be eternally grateful that Stephen chose me to make these with him. It was such an honour. There’s honestly so many images from this session and I was so over the moon from Stephens reaction to them. This session, the outcomes and Stephen’s belief in me to bring his ideas together are something I will cherish for ever. 

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