Image of the week

Image of the week

Matt Hales, London 2018. If you have followed my work for a while you might see Matt as a familiar face. I’ve photographed him several times now. I find it interesting to work with people repeatedly, you get to know how each other work, you learn about each other and you get to chat about what’s been going on in life between now and when you shot together last. 

I’d photographed Matt in Norwich the previous year and at that point he was just about to move to London and by 2018 he’d done it. I was still Norwich based but was deciding on wether to move to London to do my MA or not (which I decided to put off and then when I was revisiting these plans at the start of 2020 covid struck…so those plans got put on hold again. Flash forward to 2023 and I feel more undecided than ever about where or what or even if to do my MA…)

This shoot ended up being pretty fruitful. I got a couple of images from this session accepted in to my PhotoVogue portfolio  An image was selected for the AND 2021 Photography Annual and a series of images were published on the online platform Journal East. I titled the series ‘Half Way to Somewhere’ - inspired by out chats on the day and my feelings at the time of being feeling like I was in a in between state, moment…

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