Image of the week

Image of the week.

Joel. Portfolio updates for Crumb Agency. 

Shot just before the pandemic, Joel was one of the last faces I photographed before everything shut down. Strange times. In more ‘now’ news, I’ve recently moved studios in Norwich,  so come spring I will be looking to do some test shoots and collaborations so if you need some new portfolio updates or if you have a creative collaboration idea please get in touch and we can chat as I will have a few spaces available to work on the basis of collaboration/skill swap. These free diary spaces aren’t suitable for commercial projects, sorry but feel free to get in touch with your job details to enquire about rates. 

That said - A reminder that I’m in ‘out of office’ mode Jan and Feb as I get the last bits completed to finish the house I’ve been doing up the last few months. I will be checking emails and social media intermittently but please bear with me. 

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