Vin + Omi SS20 IG Exhibition

With exhibitions and work all pretty much being on hold for 2020, I decided to hold my own exhibition on my own instagram account. I wanted to use this as way to curate some work and share it purposefully, some kind of structure (which is not my attitude towards instagram at all) What I also wanted was something to focus on. Something to ease me back to thinking about creativity. 

I know some people have found this period as a way to get creative, boost their output but for me it’s been an opportunity to step back and look at what I’ve been making. We are bombarded with images and there’s a constant rush to make new ones. Once over the initial shock of realising my practice isn’t especially pandemic friendly, I essentially took myself on a retreat, allowing myself to work at my own pace and flit between hard drives and images as the mood took me. 

Then when I felt ready I decided to give myself a micro project of an IG exhibition, complete with poster, set dates and a planned sequence of images. 

If you missed the instgram exhibition here are the images I shared, I’ll also link to my IG at the end of this journal entry. The exhibition showed work made whilst documenting the Vin + Omi Show at London Fashion Week (LFW) in Sept 2019. It was my last show of that season and I didn’t attend LFW in February 2020, so it is entirely possible with the way things have changed that these might be the last LFW images I make. We will see…

And here’s a few bonus images I shared via IG stories. I found curating this a real challenge, what to leave in, what to leave out, the sequencing… it really was a good distraction (and a challenge) from the constant rolling bad news coming through during lockdown. I enjoyed using my instagram in this way and I will definitely do it again. 

I have A3 prints of the poster I created for the exhibition currently up for sale in my shop (yes I now have a shop, more prints being listed shortly) all profits from this print go to The Trussell Food Trust to support their network of foodbanks across the UK. 

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