Shutterhub online Exhibition - Yearbook 2020

I think online exhibitions are here to stay. Physical spaces are slowly opening up but I like the way digital exhibitions can be viewed from anywhere and by anyone. So I’m delighted to find out I have an image in an online group show organised by ShutterHub. 

The selected image is from my work with artist Amy Ollett. It’s a big show, over 200 photographers from around the world so lots to browse over from the comfort of your home, or maybe a distraction from the way a bus journey feels right now, a scroll in the hairdressers whilst we’re taking our own reading material… 

Digital exhibitions, you get to choose when you visit, what the opening hours are and of course they are truly inclusive - everyone is invited. See the exhibition.

If you’d like to take a look at a portfolio of work I have on the Shutterhub platform you can see this here 

See more of my work over on instagram if you’d like to chat about commissioning my to make work, feel free to get in touch.  I have also recently launched a print shop if you’d like a browse click here 

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