Norwich Fringe Festival launches!

Today is THE day!

Norwich Fringe Festival 2021 launches today! Running from 18-21 March with a pay what you can approach the line up is full of theatre, visual arts, music and more. The team have worked so incredibly hard to bring this to life digitally. We’d all rather be viewing the work physically I know but this is where the world is still at and all the love and applause to the Fringe team for making this all come to life in such challenging times. 

On the plus side a digital event allows you to watch from anywhere in the world so come and see what’s happening over the next few days.

My part in this event has happened thanks to being granted funding by the Norwich Fringe Festival to create a new multimedia installation project for the 2021 event. An idea I had before thoughts of a pandemic existed have had to adapt and over come the challenges this last year has brought but I’m so happy to have been able to produce this new body of work.

My project The Disco: Room 2021 is now live! A a free digital exhibition, this solo show includes still images and video art work made with artist Amy Ollett.

A look at what you can expect once you enter the gallery - 

Huge thanks to the festival team and also to Sean Hancock and Morwenna Farrell who both helped me build the installation. AmySean and Morwenna are all amazing creatives and the links in their names will take you to their work. 

Morwenna also made a film of the installation which you can see on my instagram

Images of the installation to follow but in the mean time head over to the exhibition for a look around. 

Visit the FREE online exhibition 18-21 March

Watch the film of the installation (film by Morwenna Farrell) 

Find out what’s on and learn more about the Norwich Fringe Festival 2021

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