New work - The Molee Shakes

What a treat to photograph The Molee Shakes at Norwich Arts Centre. Featuring the voice of a gently husky but sweet smokey toned cow girl that is Morwenna Farrell and the bluesy guitar vibes of Lee Dickerson the set was a a lovely thing to behold. I’m still not over how good it is to be back watching and hearing live music again after the lockdowns. 

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a strong indie music scene in Norwich but everything is so changeable, venues close, bands just can’t make the music and life work as one… and so it’s REALLY important to support your local music scene as much as you can. Go to a gig if you can, even if you can’t go then hit like and share the event and their music on your socials (I can’t tell you just how much creatives appreciate you sharing our stuff), buy the music, buy the merch etc.

You can hear The Molee Shakes on Spotify (my personal fave which I’m listening to as I type is High Horse)  and follow them on Instagram

I’m always open for commissions to photograph music artists, wether its portraits, band shots, album art work, live performances or you want content to share and connect with your audience via social media etc, so get in touch if you think my style of work is what you’re looking for. 

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