New work - quick look

On this very rain Sunday I thought I’d share a couple of images from a recent photoshoot with model  Lindsay- Ann and Kathy - The Hair and Well Being Stylist.  Kathy has actually recently retrained as a hair stylist and is already adding to her qualifications. As someone who eventually managed to follow a creative career slightly later than what is commonly perceived as ‘normal’ (I was a 40 year old graduate…) these constant self evolving and development stories are always both intersting to me and inspiring.

The other thing which made this an intersting shoot as each woman is a different decade, Lindsay-Ann in her 30s, me in my 40s and Kathy in her 50s. I feel that there’s something quite powerful about women of different ages coming together to make and create. I’ll share a full journal post at some point but just wanted to give a quick look - the story so far. 

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