New Work - Portrait Commission

New work for Kathy aka  Norwich based hairdresser The Hair and Wellbeing Stylist

Kathy needed some new portraits/headshots to move forward with some press opportunities to share news of the next stage in her creative career. Kathy is a woman of many talents including being a clinical aromatherapist, videographer, photographer plus the organiser of events aimed at women over 40. 

The events, some of which I’ve photographed, creating a series of portraits of the women attending the workshops, aim to bring women together to discuss and learn from each other. To look at what and how life over 40 can feel like as a woman today. Everything from body changes, to career goals, what holds us back, wellbeing and the menopause have all been discussed in a forum designed to help women grow and develop. 

Kathy is an example of walking the walk of personal development and not just talking the talk. She has recently pushed through to another chapter of learning and self development by successfully qualifying as a hairdresser. To share her new world Kathy commissioned some new portrait work so when talking about this next stage she could accompany it with images of herself which made her feel empowered and confident.

I’ve photographed Kathy before, like me she is VERY inspired by music and a chat about what she wanted from the photo session helped me know how to create a ‘Kathy vibe’ and so followed what I always refer to as an ‘image library’ of portraits both black and white and colour for Kathy to use when talking about her new life step. Absolute pleasure to photograph and a reminder to us to all keep learning  whatever age we are. 

Kathy’s been interviewed for Folk Features , a platform created during lockdown which aims to share stories about people in Norfolk and Suffolk. Hence the ‘folk’ in the name. Kathy’s interview titled ‘Style without age limits’ sees Kathy talking about pre-pandemic life working the gig economy and the overnight impact Covid-19 had on that, her hairdresser training and plans to keep herself moving forward.

I personally can say that adult education and constantly being open to learning has been a game changer…in fact a life changer for me. 

The quote below is from Kathy’s interview and it really resonates with me and I think it will with a lot of other people too.

“And as for being too old to retrain? Life’s too short to let other peoples’ old fashioned views effect how you live your life.”

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