Louis for Crumb Agency

The final person I photographed before lockdown. The very last one.   At least my final day working in my studio was both busy and full of human interaction. Having worked my way through two portrait sessions that day, Louis from Crumb Agency was my third and final one of the day.  It did feel like something was imminent, but lockdown was something still happening in other countries, it wasn’t ‘real’ in the UK yet. 

During this shoot Louis and I were chatting about the future, we’d both been researching universities, Louis for his BA and me for a MA. Such a recent conversation yet it seems so long ago now. I took my time editing these, choosing the final selections was no easy task but there was also a part of me that didn’t want that last little piece of ‘normal’ to leave me. However as discussed in our uni chat Louis must fly the nest and so here is a selection of portraits of Louis. 

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