Joel for Crumb Agency

In March before we all went in to lockdown I had a day of portrait sessions with some amazing humans from Crumb Agency.  My studio is small, tucked behind what was a gallery in Norwich. Years ago it would have been a shop and I suspect the space I occupy was a store room and/or at some point possibly living quarters? I should really do some investigating but it’s never really occurred to me until recent days. A case of absence makes the heart grow fonder maybe.

It’s very much an art studio as opposed to a clinical photographic studio. It’s my space to make work, to meet up with people, drink tea, and listen to music. At some point I will head back in to work from there (and hopefully make work from there) but for now here is a selection of portraits of Joel, made from my last day in my space before we were all told to stay at home.

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