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‘It’s only a game show’ Amy 2016

This is one of many times I’ve worked with Amy Woodman. I met Amy on a photoshoot in 2014 where I was doing hair/makeup and some behind the scenes photography. We bonded over a love for vintage faux fur and became firm friends so the work I make with Amy is as much a display of our friendship as it is about the relationship between muse and photographer. 

Although we made this is 2016, I’ve revisited it in 2020 during the coronavirus days. This was part of my final uni project which explored what a ‘fashion image’ is and questioned the idea that second hand garments are fashion… sounds obvious in 2020 right? But even just a few years ago there wasn’t this media mainstream love for the second hand clothing market, on the street maybe, but in the magazines? Very little…

If you’re a  brand, creative, a stylist or a magazine editor etc looking to make/commission work using second hand fashion please get in touch, because I really want to work with you to make this type of work! 

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