Image of the week

This is a WIP image (I think) I’m not sure where I’m going with it or if this is its final state?

This was taken at the end of 2019 in a session which was just to make some new work for me, Ramzan (pictured) and two other models Matt & India. There were a few ideas and a bit of styling using my vintage & second hand rail and ultimately when I looked back through the images it was like we’d rolled 4 or 5 different shoots in to one session, so it’s taken me a while to collate them and decide on what goes where. Like a lot of people lockdown has been a period where I’m really thinking about my direction and creative practice and the three threads which continue to run through a lot of my work and the work I’m interested in making is fashion history, music and movement. 

Next week I will be returning to work from my studio. As the space is small I’m not expecting to work with other people inside for a little while, so I’ll be focusing on turning it into a research space, using the walls as an area to start collecting ideas and using mind mapping as a way to try and organise my thoughts. 

I’m personally finding the world quite noisy right now, so I’m hoping letting some ideas flow, will be as useful as it is productive…

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