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The image is one of a series which documents the dress rehearsal of the 2019 fashion performance of MILK by movement and fashion artist Amy Ollett.

I’ve worked with this artist several times to document her creative practice,  we connect artistically with a shared interest in the exploration of movement.

Amy’s statement about the concept of MILK “I am lost in my physical anxiety, pressured as a woman to society. Suffocating in your version of my milk’s expiry.”

To join the work at such an intimate stage of its development thus being invited in to the creative process is a privilege. Whilst these images form a photo essay documenting the preparation of the performance, they also become part of our collaborative library of visual data for research and reflection purposes.

I met Amy in 2017. Amy had seen my work at my BA degree show and I’d seen her work at her MA show. Although we’d never met in person it turned out that we’d made a connection to the others work. An email from Amy led to a coffee and that that meet up sparked a creative relationship, one which means we can really develop and push our own boundaries through exploring each other’s creative practice. Since documenting MILK, I’ve continued to work with Amy as she develops her practice through returning to the exploration of movement using her own body.

Amy Ollett 
Dancer Federica 

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