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Weds 20 May 2020.

Sleep to dream. 

It’s lockdown. Like many people I’ve been wondering how to the way the world has changed will effect how we work. How I work. I saw someone describe these current times as like being in a snow globe. As the shaking stops or at least begins to feel less vicious, I’m feeling ready to think about what could be next. 

Of course we don’t know…

I’m looking back at all the work I have been lucky enough to make so far. As an ex blogger (before everyone blogged and in 2010 hardly anyone knew what a blog was and when you told them, the idea of throwing words out in to the internet which might be read by no-one was an odd concept. How times have changed. How lots has changed.

So ten years on I may now use the the word ‘journal’ instead of ‘blog’  but either way a new regular post (feature?) will be the Image of the week, possibly new work, possibly work that’s been made a while. We will see how it develops. 

Image - portrait of Jordan Wake. 2019.

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